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366 Songs 093: At My Most Beautiful

In my defense, I’ve always had a thing for cellos, so I was always going to be a sucker for this song. But R.E.M.’s “At My Most Beautiful” came into my life (via the Up album, I guess) at a … Continue reading

April 16, 2012 366 Songs ,

366 Songs 092: Star 69

R.E.M.’s Monster came out on the day that I was moving from Greenock back to Aberdeen for the second year of my art school career; I was going to be living in a house in the middle of the countryside, … Continue reading

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366 Songs 091: Drive

Like many white people of a particular generation, Out of Time by R.E.M. was a particularly important album for me, and I can remember the mix of disappointment and frustration that accompanied the release of “Drive,” the first single from … Continue reading

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366 Songs 090: Battle of Who Could Care Less

Another song that was playing during a particularly surreal split with a girlfriend. Cut to – what, 1997, maybe 1998? Whatever year that the second album by Ben Folds Five (Whatever And Ever Amen) came out – and I’m in … Continue reading

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366 Songs 089: Tiny Meat

Another Ruby-related memory: In Barcelona in… what, 1996, I guess? A school trip, and through some unlikely magic, we’re there at the same time as Ruby doing a European tour. One of our number was related to Ruby’s management, and … Continue reading

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366 Songs 088: Paraffin

Ruby were the Garbage that no-one ever remembers, a band that deserved better than the lack of success they enjoyed and one that feels particularly evocative to me for a few reasons/memories. After enjoying their debut single – That’d be … Continue reading

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366 Songs 087: Black Steel

“Black Steel” wasn’t the first Tricky track that I’d heard, nor the first Public Enemy cover, but it was the first of both that made me, on first listen, pretty much jump up from my chair and wonder what the … Continue reading

April 13, 2012 366 Songs ,

366 Songs 085/086: Supernatural Giver/Children of the Revolution

A surreally strong musical memory was hearing a Radio 1 DJ go from “Supernatural Giver” by proto-Britpop band Kinky Machine (If nothing else, their single covers were Menswear’s aesthetic about three years early, right down to an identical font) to … Continue reading

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366 Songs 084: Right Here, Right Now

“Right Here Right Now” was the exclusive soundtrack to my grieving process for my dead grandmother. I say it like that, quasi-sarcastically, out of defensiveness for the subject and everything around it, but this song was genuinely one of the … Continue reading

April 12, 2012 366 Songs ,

366 Songs 083: Cannonball

There’s a moment in everyone’s life, if they’re doing it right and being lucky, when someone unexpected will come along and go “That thing you’re into that you didn’t think anyone else was, and you were totally alone? I like … Continue reading

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