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366 Songs 165: BOB (Bombs Over Baghdad)

This was my first exposure to Outkast; I’m pretty sure I heard it somewhere on Radio 1, and was entirely blown away by it; soon after, “Miss Jackson” came out and I was hilariously put off by it. Even now, … Continue reading

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366 Songs 164: Idlewild Blue

Outkast’s Idlewild album, ostensibly the soundtrack to their movie of the same name, was depressingly uneven and a disappointment considering the hidden gem that the movie itself is. But Andre 3000’s various contributions to the endeavor, rooting further into a … Continue reading

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366 Songs 163: Do Ya Thing

As part of my dream last night, I dreamt that there was another new Gorillaz song to accompany this one – a truly wonderful, can’t-keep-yourself-still-when-you-listen, collaboration between Damon Albarn, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Andre 3000, whose contribution is just … Continue reading

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“But Comic Book Fans Need To Feel Perpetually Beleaguered”

But comic book fans need to feel perpetually beleaguered and disenfranchised, marginalized by phantom elites who want to confiscate their hard-won pleasures. And this resentment — which I have a feeling I’m provoking more of here — finds its way … Continue reading


The Management Apologizes

The fates laugh at my promise to have “stuff tomorrow, really,” from yesterday. Today was crazy busy, and I managed to be 30 minutes late for both meet-ups with friends I had. Normal service will apparently be resumed soonish, I … Continue reading

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I Know What You’re Thinking*

You’re thinking “Is this the first day Graeme has missed a 366 Songs entry in awhile? He was doing so well!” To which I, sadly, have to reply “Yes, it is, and yes, I was.” What can I say? Time … Continue reading

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Director’s Cut Material!

And here’s the paragraph I took out of this week’s Time piece before I even submitted it: It’s not as if Marvel hasn’t worked hard to keep Spider-Man’s popularity up; every couple of years, a storyline will ensure enough outrage … Continue reading


“The Bums”

“Marvel didn’t pay Kirby for The Avengers idea?” I find myself saying. “The idea that a bunch of pre-existing work-for-hire characters could continue existing together? What jerks, not predicting in 1963 that kids’ disposable pulp heroes would be worth billions of … Continue reading


366 Songs 162: Only A Northern Song

For all that “Only A Northern Song” devolves into aimless free jazz noodling and one of George Harrison’s most dirgy melodies (I think it’s really his particularly flat vocal that makes it feel that way; it almost sounds as if … Continue reading

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366 Songs 161: Ebeneezer Goode

Now, here’s one everyone would rather forget. “Ebeneezer Goode” was a ridiculously big hit in the UK in 1992, staying number one for four weeks despite the tabloid press managing to work themselves into an outraged lather over the drug … Continue reading

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