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366 Songs 209: Shame

I’m sure there are people who’d make fun of me for liking this song, and I can see why; there’s little original about it (The first time I heard it, the opening actually made me think “Oh, it’s like ‘Blackbird’ … Continue reading

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Meet the Conservative Minister of Parliament for Cannock Chase, everyone! As always, because it’s Twitter, start from the bottom and read up (He’s tweeting about the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics, in case you can’t guess). Social media isn’t … Continue reading

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Under The Unfinished Westway

Huh, interesting. William Orbit – fast becoming a Blur spoiler fan-favorite after working with the band on new material and then being dumped when they didn’t like the results – has released an earlier version of “Under The Westway” on … Continue reading

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The Headline Wasn’t Mine

In which my Time piece from this week has a Sally Field moment. Really, I’m just doing these now because history has taught me that one day I will no longer be writing these and I’ll want to remember that … Continue reading

July 26, 2012 Writingthoughts

366 Songs 208: Circle Sky

There’s a lot to love about “Circle Sky.” Where to start…? Let’s go with the bassline, Peter Tork happily bobbing up and down the scale and keeping the whole thing grounded – There are times when it’s the clearest thing … Continue reading

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366 Songs 207: Dirty Harry

There are so many reasons why “Dirty Harry” shouldn’t work: It has a child’s choir, it’s lyrically very simplistic outside of the Bootie Brown rap, which itself has a political reference that was already dated by the time the song … Continue reading

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366 Songs 206: The Statue Got Me High

Even though Flood was the big hit album, Apollo 18, the follow-up, is the one that I still think is the best of the They Might Be Giants albums, filled with pop songs that just… worked, for want of a … Continue reading

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366 Songs 205: Dead

Not for the first time, I find myself wishing that They Might Be Giants wrote songs for other people to perform while listening to “Dead,” from their 1990 album Flood (It’s the closest they had to a crossover album; it’s … Continue reading

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At Nighttime I Go Out And

Inside: Outside: Both from… shit, 1997, maybe?


Can You Crowdfund Journalism?

Under increasing financial pressure from the Web and the decline of print advertising, newspapers and other traditional media outlets have been laying off staff and trying to fill the gap with services such as Journatic—the hyper-local aggregator that uses offshore … Continue reading

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