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366 Songs 272: September Gurls

It’s Kate’s birthday today, and so she gets this love song from Big Star’s second album, Radio City, about women born during September. I say “love song,” but it’s such a wonderfully… macho song, lyrically. “I was your butch/And you … Continue reading

September 28, 2012 366 Songs ,

“Originality Is Elusive Today”

Originality is elusive today in every place that people write – not just in journalism, but in academia, professional writing, book publishing, speech writing and politics. In our panic to keep up with a changing world, we’ve failed to identify … Continue reading


366 Songs 271: Overload

The first time I saw this song was on MTV at a friend’s house, before its release; the captioning was missed, so I didn’t know who it was or what the song was called, but just the guitar solo at … Continue reading

September 27, 2012 366 Songs ,

“It’s An Investment In Myself”

Oh, how I wish that I found this strip funny for reasons other than nodding to myself and going “Yup, that’s my life right there.” (From here.)


Best Response Ever?

If Andy Williams hadn’t died, my Time piece would’ve been the most popular article on the Entertainment vertical today. Another reason to be sad about Mr. Williams’ passing, dammit! As it is, it did generate this spectacular response: “I really … Continue reading

September 26, 2012 Writingthoughts ,

366 Songs 270: The King Is Half-Undressed

The album this song came from – Bellybutton – came out in… 1991, perhaps? And it was the soundtrack to my last year of high school, discovered via a tape-cassette given to me by a friend. This was my introduction … Continue reading

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This Is Why I Don’t Write Books (Not Really)

The fact that Penguin is suing authors for neither writing a book nor returning the advance they were given to do said writing is a weirdly entertaining concept to me, for some reason (Despite the fact that one of the … Continue reading

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“Can It Be Some Harbinger of Hope — When Hope Is Almost Gone?”

From 2001: A Space Odyssey by Jack Kirby, 1976.


366 Songs 269: Too Tough To Die

There are days when everything gets on top of you, and you find yourself feeling that worrying sense of vertigo, even as you know that you’re standing upright and theoretically perfectly fine. On those days, dear friends, Martina Topley-Bird has … Continue reading

September 25, 2012 366 Songs , , ,

Recently Read, Prose (9/25/12)

In addition to the regular diet of Star Trek novels to help my brain decompress – Warning, that Star Trek: New Earth series isn’t nearly as fun as you want it to be – this week, I’ve also been reading … Continue reading

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