366 Songs 337: Xmas Cake

A relatively recent discovery for me, but I love the echoes to traditional Christmas music this one has (The sleigh bells and backing vocals at 3:07 are my favorite, especially as the backing vocals lead into a joyless “fa la la”), even as the subject matter is far more depressing and dark than the stories of Santa and goodwill that you’d expect from this time of year.

366 Songs 336: Christmastime

“It’s Christmas again, December is here…” as Aimee Mann sings in this somewhat delicate, prettily melancholy song that marks the beginning of a musical Advent Calendar on this here blog. Yes, between now and Christmas Day, it’s all holiday music all the time because, my friends, I love this time of year. And so, instead of the usual 366 Songs ramblings, expect Christmas Songs with little-to-no commentary. Just enjoy the most wonderful time of the year, dammit.

(Worth noting: This song gets first go not simply because of the “December is here” line, but because of the line that follows: “Hasn’t it been a wonderful year?” There’s something about Mann’s performance of that line that makes me unconvinced that she means it, and that always appeals to me. This year especially; it’s really not been a wonderful year, has it…? 2012, you’ve been trying to kill me and those I love all too often, it seems.)