And Deceit Can’t Save You So

burnFrom the Guardian’s Photo Blog:

An effigy of Margaret Thatcher in a ‘coffin’ is burnt together with a sofa and wood as people gather to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher in Goldthorpe, northen England. Photograph: Andrew Yates/AFP/Getty Images

We all watch them/We all watch them/We all watch them burn, etc.

I’m still not sure about the whole “celebration” of Thatcher’s death, to be honest. It seems too ghoulish, too gleeful, to me. Maybe I’m just not meant for these times.

And A Lava Too Hot To Put Out

volcanoFrom the Guardian’s Photo Blog:

Mount Etna is still spewing lava during an eruption on the southern Italian island of Sicily. Mount Etna is Europe’s tallest and most active volcano. Photograph: Antonio Parrinello/Reuters

Once upon a time, back in San Francisco, my family came to visit and we ended up in this terrible theme restaurant because it was close/no-one could agree where to eat/I have no idea. One of the things about this restaurant was that people could order a dessert called the Volcano, and when it came out of the kitchen – the door to which, we were sat right next to – the server would shout “VOLLLLLLL-CAAAAAAYYYYYYYY-NOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!” at the top of their voice to announce it.

After you hear that yell for, what, twenty times or so in an hour, it sticks in your brain. So, when I think of volcanoes now, I tend to think of them as VOLLLLLLLL-CAAAAAAYYYYYYY-NOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHs.

And then I look at this picture, and remember how beautiful they can be, sometimes.

We All Watch Them We All Watch Them We All Watch Them

Fire in central Bermeo, northern SpainFrom the Guardian’s Photo Blog:

A woman looks out of her window as fireman inspect the debris after a fire in central Bermeo, northern Spain. The fire broke early this morning affecting six buildings, causing the collapse of two of them and damaging part of the City Council. Dozens of neighbors had to be evacuated due to the fire that started due to unknown causes that are being investigated. Three firemen and a police agent got slightly injured during the extinction works. EPA/MIGUEL TONA Photograph: Miguel Tona/EPA

The level of damage here just looks horrific. I have no idea why, what it is about this picture in particular, but looking at it I found myself wondering about the smell of this disaster, and the way it would make just breathing a particularly difficult experience.

Tramp The Dirt, etc.

ironladyFrom the Guardian’s Photo Blog:

A pedestrian walks past graffiti that reads ‘Iron Lady? Rust in Peace’ in west Belfast, Northern Ireland, following Margaret Thatcher’s death. Parliament has been recalled today to honour Thatcher’s memory, a decision that is causing many divisions. Photograph: Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images

Do you see what they’ve done? They’ve turned “rest” into “rust” because she was the iron la- Oh, you got it already.

I find myself torn by the celebrations surrounding Thatcher’s death. On the one hand, I grew up in Thatcher’s Britain and understand the sense of… relief that such a horrible force in the world is gone, but on the other, isn’t there something kind of tasteless about organizing parties about the death of a nearly-90 year old woman who hasn’t had any real power for more than two decades…?