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Some Kind of Soul

From the Guardian’s Photo Blog: Here’s a beautiful image from Nasa released today. Now here’s the science: it shows the tip of the ‘wing’ of the Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy in this new view from Nasa’s Great Observatories. The SMC … Continue reading

April 4, 2013

“It’s The Sound of Sciiiiiiiiii Ence. The Souuuuuhnd. Of. Sci. Ence.”

Being a massive Beatles fan, it’s no surprise that “The Sound of Science” is my favorite Beastie Boys track. I can actually still remember hearing it for the first time, one night in 1994 on Chris Morris’ short-lived Radio 1 … Continue reading

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Back Away Slowly

From the Guardian’s Photo Blog: Quack Attack! A woman and her daughter prepare to take evasive action at an amusement park in Beijing, China. Photograph: Alexander F. Yuan/AP Remember: Ducks are dangerous.

Patience Is A Difficult Thing Indeed

I’m sure that I’ve written before about my frustration and dislike for waiting for phone calls that I know are coming. Now, it turns out, it might just be waiting for communications of any sort; I submitted my first piece … Continue reading

April 2, 2013 Writingthoughts , ,

One of The Most Important Movies in The World (YMMV Edition)

Three Colors Red – and Three Colors Blue, as well, although Three Colors White left me somewhat cold – rewrote my brain when I first saw it as a teenager in the U.K. There was such precision in the filmmaking, … Continue reading

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“That Means It’s Up to Me!”

Comics poetry, from Action Comics #553. Art by Gil Kane, colors by Anthony Tollin, letters by Ben Oda and dialogue by Marv Wolfman.



From the Guardian’s Photo Blog: A 130mm artillery round is fired during a live fire drill at a military base in Kampong Speu province, about 40 miles west of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Photograph: Xinhua/Sipa USA/Rex Features Yesterday, I started off … Continue reading

Maybe Maybe It’s The

From the Guardian: Taiz, Yemen: Two girls make their way across a rubbish dump. Photograph: Mohamed Al-Sayaghi/Reuters We’re tra-ah-ash, you and me/We’re the litter on the breeze…

April 1, 2013