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“How Did You Make Me Feel Like I Couldn’t Feel?”

The Portland Cello Project’s Beck Hansen’s Song Reader album has been the soundtrack to a lot of my 2013 so far; it started as something I bought/listened to as a reminder of their “Beck The Halls” Christmas concert from the … Continue reading

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Hey Hey, We’re The

From the Guardian’s Photo Blog: Cheeky monkey! A wild grey langur monkey gestures at the camera from the bonnet of a car at a rest stop on a road near Leela, in India. Photograph: Kevin Frayer/AP That face? That’s how … Continue reading

Station Identification

In the traditions of Warren Ellis, Dylan Todd and David Brothers: The World That’s Coming is the personal blog of Graeme McMillan, a pop culture and tech writer who gets paid to write for,,, and Digital Trends … Continue reading

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I Turn Up The Radio/But I Can’t Hear It

So, yeah. I was on NPR awhile back. It was a surreal, but ultimately enjoyable, experience – Although, I’ll admit, it didn’t end up with “ultimately enjoyable” until after everyone had heard the interview. I was (and still kind of … Continue reading

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A Nice Failure

Every artist who ever lived is correct about critics: they are barren nursemaids, never-weres deficient in the slightest authority to dictate the placement of a comma. They are shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, and comics critics are among … Continue reading



From the Guardian’s Photo Blog: Pakistani boys run after a truck that was distributing election flags during a political rally in Lahore on the last day that election campaigns. Photograph: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images I love this image; there’s something so … Continue reading

Like the Lazy Ocean Hugs the Shore

From the Guardian’s Photo Blog: A baby turtle is released into the exhibit tank at Melbourne Zoo. Reptile keepers have achieved a significant Australian first, the breeding of the critically endangered Chinese Three-striped Box Turtle, generally known as Golden Coin … Continue reading

May 9, 2013

“Your Sister Says That I’m No Good/I’d Reassure Her If I Could”

“You and Your Sister” is, in the strangest of ways, a disco song for me. I mean, obviously, it’s not; it’s hardly danceable, and there’s nothing as insistent about it as the best (or even the worst) disco. You could … Continue reading

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This Is A Job For

From the Guardian’s Photo Blog: In Indonesia a British-made BAe 146 cargo plane caught fire while being unloaded on the tarmac at the airport in Wamena, Papua province. An official said that the plane caught fire after a drum of … Continue reading

A Kurt Power Novel

Kurt Power was Niles Golan’s signature character, a no-nonsense private eye and ex-lawyer who, on the days when he wasn’t solving cases involving serial killers, consulted for the police and anti-terrorist forces. He was divorced, with a drink problem and … Continue reading

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