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Monthly Archives: January 2015

January 31

I am, as the Smiths would put it, still ill. Yesterday, bothered and frustrated by that fact, I resorted to those lozenges that have names like Cold-eze or So You Can’t Breathe Without It Hurting Well Maybe Suck On This. … Continue reading

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January 30

Firmly into day three of being sick, and I’ve reached the stage where sleeping isn’t really an option; instead, I found myself lying awake in bed, my throat killing me and my head unable to stop running through “Uptown Funk” … Continue reading

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January 29

I’m sick. I could feel it coming on yesterday, and I alternated between denying it and embracing it with a certain fatalism (Of course I’m getting sick, I’m about due for this). What it means right now is an unclear … Continue reading

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January 28

I’m often struck, reading news stories about snow storms and blizzards and such hitting other parts of the country, by something approaching jealousy — a sense of that weather sounds exciting, I wish we had snow. It’s as if there’s … Continue reading

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January 27

Today’s post is postponed by the Fantastic Four trailer, which I’ve already written about twice and will probably do so another couple of times before the day is out. Sometimes, a trailer, or a piece of news about something similar, … Continue reading

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January 26

Looking at the list of locations and former wifi networks on my Kindle is like reading a particularly off-kilter recitations of everywhere I’ve been for the last year or so. Like an elephant, it appears that a Kindle never forgets … Continue reading

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January 25

Weekends have, over the last few months, increasingly become one of two things to me: refuges from the almost-certain insanity of work, or alternate flavors of insanity, with socializing taking the place of relaxing and the hope being that a … Continue reading

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January 24

Upon seeing an old college friend post an image of himself in full suit on social media yesterday, I’ve been pondering my lack of sartorial smartness. Back in the day, I tried harder than I do now, I confess; in … Continue reading

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January 23

To the probable surprise of no-one, I keep a written list of deadlines on my (computer) desktop at all times, to ensure that I don’t forget about something that I really, really should be working on at this very minute. … Continue reading

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January 22

I make deals with myself when I can’t sleep. The problem isn’t that I can’t fall asleep; I have no trouble with that at all, for some reason. If I’m in bed and it’s anywhere after 11pm, it’s really only … Continue reading

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