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Monthly Archives: January 2015

January 21

While the idea of being a true online citizen of the 21st century — so plugged into the modern world that I’m constantly online or receiving information from one source or another, switching between devices to maximize my experience effortlessly … Continue reading

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January 20

I’m getting distracted by the buzzing my desk lamp makes. It’s not a consistent buzzing, which I think would be easier to ignore; instead, it’s something that comes and goes, seemingly at random. I’ll be working away and then all … Continue reading

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January 19

There’s something about the need to start the week in something resembling — not good spirits, necessarily, but a frame of mind that suggests that you’re ready to tackle everything that lies ahead. For some reason (I suspect it’s the … Continue reading

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January 18

It’s not quite running away to join the circus, but last night’s dream involved my having agreed (pre-dream, of course, because this would never have happened had I been conscious of it) to participate in some kind of onstage hypnotism … Continue reading

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January 17

One of the lessons I’m learning late about my job is the need to let go; I write for a number of sites daily, which means that whatever psychic slate recording victories or defeats is essentially wiped clean each and … Continue reading

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January 16

I am breaking my own (entirely arbitrary, self-imposed) rules today, writing work before writing this; the reasons for that speak more to my workload for the day — I have, thanks to both scheduling issues and my brain simply slowing … Continue reading

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January 15

My Kindle Fire temporarily died last night, reminding me that our relationship with technology is a close, and probably unhealthy, one. I was reading PDFs for work while helping Kate prepare dinner, and at some point, it decided to go … Continue reading

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January 14

Woken up by a car alarm outside our house — it wasn’t our car, although that was the first thing we both thought, immediately followed (by me, at least) by isn’t our car alarm more obnoxiously loud? — and the … Continue reading

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January 13

Long after it has conquered everyone else, I’ve become obsessed with The Great British Bake-Off, which is now airing in the U.S. as The Great British Baking Show. (I don’t know why the title was changed; was “bake-off” too confusing … Continue reading

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January 12

It sounds like boasting to write this, but I don’t really have anxiety dreams anymore. It’s not that I’m not anxious about anything — little could be further from the truth! — but merely that I don’t tend to dream … Continue reading

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