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Monthly Archives: February 2015

February 28

Did I miss another day yesterday? Damn. The problems of being underslept and overwhelmed, I think. I had intended to write one at the end of the work day, boasting of word count (5,800 or so, I seem to remember?), … Continue reading

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February 26

As we race towards the end of the month, apparently I just lose days judging by my lack of update yesterday; the irony being, it’s not as if I was especially busy, with the exception of first thing in the … Continue reading

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February 24

Occasionally, you have to accept that spam email subject lines will ask profound questions. Take, for example, this from today’s mailbox: Do you like showing off your pride? It’s certainly something we should all ask ourselves on a regular basis, … Continue reading

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February 23

Another stupidly busy day, writing-wise (“Only” 5,900 words today), and again my brain is exhausted. This might not be the best way to start off a work week, but on the plus side, at least I know that I’ll probably … Continue reading

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February 22

I love the way that the light before the sun is fully up lies to us. The bathroom is currently two different colors, thanks to being midway through being painted; the walls are blue (the old color) and yellow (the … Continue reading

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February 21

As with all the best dreams, the details are fading already, but I can remember that this one featured moments where I was literally seeing things from someone else’s perspective — namely, a would-be murderer whose attempt was thwarted by … Continue reading

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February 20

We are living in a world where “Aquaman” can be a trending term on Twitter when I get up in the morning, and in which I can write 6,100 words for publication today alone. (There were also words written for … Continue reading

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February 19

No time for love, Doctor Jones. Okay, that’s not entirely true; although I have a heavy workload today, I’m entirely distracted by thoughts of fandom, if not love: Blur has announced a new album — the band’s first since 2003’s … Continue reading

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February 18

I wouldn’t call my Comic-Con dream from last night a stress dream, exactly — it wasn’t exactly stressful, for the one thing — but it was an odd one; the key fact of it seemed to be that I had … Continue reading

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February 17

Clearing files from your computer can become an impressively nostalgic way to spend time, I’ve discovered; sure, there are the files you remembered existing and the ones that you have no attachment to — I am both impressed and appalled … Continue reading

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