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Monthly Archives: February 2015

February 16

There’s a new baby on the block — so new, in fact, that he doesn’t have a name yet, although his five-year-old sister told me very sincerely that “Burpkins” was in the running, adding that he’d be called “Burp” for … Continue reading

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February 15

And what does it mean when you dream of Astro Boy? I’m asking for a friend, of course — a friend that happens to look very like me, and had strange dreams in which people were congratulating him for creating … Continue reading

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February 14

There’s a song from a quasi-Britpop band of my youth that I always remember the refrain of, every year on the day: “Stay out of my way/On Valentines Day,” it went, oh so jauntily. I can’t remember why such a … Continue reading

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February 13

I’m not sure whether it speaks to my state of mind or to some particular pop prowess of Taylor Swift, but “Shake It Off” has been in my head fairly continuously this week, in a way that has ended up … Continue reading

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February 12

It finally happened; I just outright missed a day here. I realized late at night, and had this moment of Maybe I should write something now that was quickly replaced by It’s 11 o’clock at night and you’re nowhere near … Continue reading

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February 10

A late post, today, because this morning was taken up by a surprisingly early visit to the dentist, and the strange fear/surrender to inevitability that such a trip entails. Am I the only one who goes through that? The feeling … Continue reading

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February 9

We’ve adopted a manta in this house that goes a little something like “Wouldn’t it be great if the weekend was just one day longer?” It’s not that I’m not grateful for the two days off — or, at least, … Continue reading

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February 8

It’s a clash of the titans; the lack of desire to write anything pushed against — for once — having the time to sit down and write whatever I want. We’ll blame insomnia for both, but in different directions. I … Continue reading


February 7

An unexpected side effect of being sick is that I now wake up and immediately want a cup of tea. I’d adopted the Immediate Tea Protocol while sick because it made my throat feel better, but now it feels a … Continue reading

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February 6

This was almost the first day without an entry (as opposed to the days when the entries were written but for some reason didn’t post, which has happened… three times now?). We can successfully blame workload and the fact that … Continue reading

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