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Monthly Archives: March 2015

March 20

An overwhelming day, where everything took too long, and everything felt like it was hidden behind at least one roadblock of one kind of another. I look back at this week with this dazed sense of “What happened?” It’s as … Continue reading

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March 19

It’s one of those days where, upon waking up, my brain only thinks in snippets of music I’ve loved for years: Super Furry Animals’ Hermann Lvs Pauline (“I lead my life in a quest for information”) and Who Loves The … Continue reading

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March 18

As a sign of how my brain is working this morning, deleting a spam email with the subject line “Are You Online? Browse Singles NOW!” sends my brain spiraling back in time to when I was a student and music … Continue reading

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March 17

The dream this morning saw me writing something for a new job, but I had to do so on a new computer they specified — and it was something that also captured everything I was writing for everyone else, and … Continue reading

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March 16

In another world, today was less frustrating — there was no Internet outage that lasted from yesterday until this morning, meaning that I wasn’t stuck playing catch-up as soon as it came back, and I also didn’t have to chase … Continue reading

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March 15

There’s so much to unpack from last night’s dream, not least of which is a performance troupe of transgender androids attempting to create emotional closure of childhood wounds, but what sticks out even more than that is the sight of … Continue reading

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March 14

I could pretend that I skipped yesterday’s entry because it was Friday the 13th, but the truth of the matter is that I wrote one that was snippy and lists and exhausted, and then thought better about posting it. Maybe … Continue reading

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March 12

By the end of yesterday, I told Kate that I was done with speaking, and would be happy if I didn’t have to talk to anyone else for awhile. Despite that, yesterday was oddly thrilling — going to the OPB … Continue reading

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March 11

Just the other day, I found myself thinking that maybe I should be doing more in terms of audio, instead of just writing everything. I think there was more than a little bit of frustration after a day spent typing … Continue reading

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March 10

I’ve written before, I’m sure, about my hatred of waiting for a phone call that you know is going to happen — the way in which the foreknowledge ends up filling my head, making it impossible for me to think … Continue reading

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