366 Songs 074: The Ghost At Number One

Firstly, I can’t believe that I’ve not actually done a Jellyfish one of these, yet. Secondly, I can’t believe that I’m including this song in a series where I’m speeding through songs, instead of spending a ridiculous number of words on it (Seriously! The bassline! The harmonies – or three part vocal with the “There’s a party at the pearly gates/How does it feel/To be the only one” section, which I still just love! The fun bitterness of the lyrics! The pretty damn perfect evocation of the Beach Boys’ sound, a la Pet Sounds! Come on, people), but… this song always reminds me of my second week of college, finding the single in HMV and knowing that it’d be hours until I could go home and play it, hear it for the first time. The weird, thrilling sensation of this faux illicit material burning into my mind as I sat and tried to concentrate on whatever drawing lesson was happening that afternoon, just thinking to myself “I really want to hear the new Jellyfish song, dammit…!”

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