366 Songs 095: Sugar Man

Considering the lyrical nature of the song (Spoiler: It’s about drugs), it sounds somewhat unexpected and maybe just a little contrary to say that this song really reminds me of my honeymoon in Boston with Kate, a decade ago to this very day – Seriously, Kate and I were married ten years ago last Friday – but it’s true. The two of us first found this song on the David Holmes mix CD “Come Get it, I Got It,” which we bought at some store in Boston on the trip, and we fell in love with its psychedelic folk/soul on very first listen. For years afterwards, we tried to find out more about Sixto Rodriguez, but this was before Cold Fact had been reissued or Holmes’ sponsorship of the artist had really taken any effect, so all we knew of him for the longest time was this piece of awesomeness. Despite what he’s singing about, this makes me think of warm, sunny days, the future feeling wide open and waiting for us as we wandered the streets.

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