366 Songs 202/203/204: Grow Your Own/Own Up Time/Almost Grown

It’s been a non-stop day; I went from feeling ahead of the crowd by lunch to feeling crushed by deadlines now, and I’m not entirely sure why. So, in order to get my energy and lust for life back, it’s time to listen to some Small Faces instrumentals. I don’t know why, but there’s something spectacularly energizing about these tracks for me, the relentless nature of them, the balancing of all the ingredients, and way they all desperately make me want to dance…

My favorite of the three posted here is easily this last one, “Almost Grown,” which has a perfect push-and-pull momentum going on that, at the very least, should have you bobbing your head as you listen along. Add to that, a particularly crunchy guitar and equally grumbly hammond organ, and you’ve got my love happily sewn up even before you get to Steve Marriott improvising towards the end “Oh, don’t talk that way…!”

Seriously. It doesn’t get much better than this, as far as I’m concerned; just listening to these three and I find myself ready and raring to go, no matter what lies ahead. Now that, dear readers, is the power of music.

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