I Can’t Walk Out, Because I Love You Too Much Baby

One of the strange things about posting these graphics up here is, sometimes I post graphics that we ended up not using for one reason or another; maybe stories didn’t run, maybe they ran outside of the newsletter and so didn’t need the graphic, or whatever. If I had any sense, I just wouldn’t run the graphics, but normally there’s such a gap between doing the graphics and me posting them that I simply don’t remember what we ran and what we didn’t. This time, I know for sure we didn’t run the Adam Brody graphic but, fuck it; I really like it, so it’s here.

Two variant versions of this one. I went with the top, but I’m not sure I made the right choice.

Take You Uptown, I’ll Show You The Sights

Normally, we do, I think, three graphics a week for the Heat Vision newsletter, and normally we do them on Thursday afternoons. For the two weeks contained below, it was Friday morning for various reasons, and the second of the weeks had five graphics needed pretty much immediately while I also had to take a work call for someone else and hadn’t slept properly because of faulty smoke alarms going off since 4am. Despite that, I had fun. There might be something wrong with me.

The View From My Bed, San Diego Comic-Con Design Edition

When I found out that we were doing a Heat Vision newsletter from Comic-Con, I’ll admit that my heart sank a little. Not because I didn’t think it was a good idea — in fact, sending it on the last day of the show, even though it would probably go out when all of us had already left (I’m pretty sure I’m the last one to leave San Diego every year, from the THR team; everyone else just jumps on a train in the morning), seemed like a great way to cap off five days of coverage. Instead, I just had visions of me doing graphics in the press room just before deadline, stressed.

Nope; I did them at 6am in my bed at the hotel, because I woke up stupidly early, as it turned out. And they looked like this:

Just Sitting Where The Rainbow’s Ending

An utterly random thing, but the THR newsletter took a week off for the July 4 weekend, which meant that I didn’t do graphics for a week. I found that I missed it, as strange as that is to admit. When the following week rolled around, I had this moment of excitement of Yes, finally, it’s been forever. Because, apparently, “forever” is defined as “two weeks” in my head these days…

If You Could See What I Can See, Feel What I Feel

I could never have made it as a graphic designer, despite my schooling — I’m simply not good enough, and my brain doesn’t work in those shapes anymore — but nonetheless, I can’t tell you how much I love doing the graphics for the THR newsletter every week. It’s a break from my usual work norm, and a strange puzzle that I enjoy solving every seven days. Here are some more recent solutions.

So Kick Off Your Shoes And Feel Some Kind Of Free

If at first you don’t succeed, you keep going because every week needs new graphics for the THR newsletter.

Like the “Sluggo is Lit” joke from a couple weeks prior, Plants vs. Zombies was a reference than bypassed my editors.

The above was replaced with this, after the headline changed:

Everyone Along The Way

What the world outside my window looked like this morning, thanks to my iPad. I’m still teaching myself to draw on there again — made all the more difficult when I don’t have the stylus anywhere near me, as today — but I find that I like this one quite a bit.

The Reason That Heat Vision Is Not Lit

The headline from my THR editor was a straightforward pun: “John Wick Gets Lit.” Because you light a wick, get it? Like a candle? But my brain went elsewhere when I first learned it, to an entirely different place altogether:

There were reasons why this wasn’t a smart idea, not least of which being I felt self-conscious for just outright swiping Olivia Jaimes’ original “Sluggo Is Lit” image/joke. (It’s also the wrong shape/size for the newsletter format, but, I mean, I could have worked with that.) The actual reason it wasn’t used, though, is something far more straightforward: My THR editor didn’t know the “Sluggo Is Lit” meme. And then, when I was appalled and went to a third party, they didn’t know it, either. So, we ended up dropping it and trying something more traditional, but I still think it’s funny.