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Recently Read, Prose (7/9/12)

The joy of a week with a day off in the middle is that you can get a lot more reading done, it seems; I’m as surprised as you are that I managed to get through all of the above … Continue reading

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Recently Read, Prose (7/2/12)

As you can see, I’m continuing with my Star Trek and Greg Rucka reading habits. Critical Space is a weird, fascinating read because it’s a novel that changes the Kodiak series from one thing into another, and also the format … Continue reading

July 2, 2012 Recently Read

Recently Read, Prose (6/22/12)

Apparently, I take more time to read good books than trashy books; the Rucka novels took a few days each – part of that, though, was also that the start of the week is heavier workwise and leaves me with … Continue reading

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Recently Read, Graphic Novels (6/13/12)

Finally working through stack of comps sent from DC; Gone to Amerikay and Batman Earth One were both far better than I’d expected. The new Guy De Lisle is, of course, wonderful.

June 13, 2012 Recently Read

Recently Read, Prose (6/13/12)

In the last week or so. I think I’m moving from Star Trek books to Greg Rucka books in terms of decompression reading.  

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Recently Read (Prose)

Books read in the last couple of weeks: The Psychopath Test – Jon Ronson Alpha – Greg Rucka Feel: Robbie Williams – Chris Heath Fables: Peter & Max – Bill Willingham (re-reading, for last week’s Fairy Tales piece for Time … Continue reading

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