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“I’ve Always Liked Classical Music.”

  From Bullet to King Four by Al Ewing, Henry Flint and Chris Blythe, from 2000AD Prog 1803.

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A Kurt Power Novel

Kurt Power was Niles Golan’s signature character, a no-nonsense private eye and ex-lawyer who, on the days when he wasn’t solving cases involving serial killers, consulted for the police and anti-terrorist forces. He was divorced, with a drink problem and … Continue reading

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Recently Read, Prose (5/6/13)

I knew, going in, that I’d like The Fictional Man by Al Ewing; I like him a lot as a comic writer – His Zombo with Henry Flint in 2000AD currently is, without exaggeration, some of my favorite comics in … Continue reading

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Recently Read, Prose (3/2/13)

Yeah, I’m not quite sure what happened to my reading habits this month; I have the feeling that there are books that I’ve read and entirely forgotten in there, for some reason – I normally read more than this, even … Continue reading

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“Streets Bunched Like Fists, Treacherous with Brutal Youth and the Trembling Old…”

This may be the greatest opening page to a comic that I’ve seen in years, both in terms of writing and visuals. Just wonderfully ambitious and evocative; you know immediately whether you’re in or out for the whole thing from … Continue reading

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