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“More Super-Heroes Than Ever Before!”

How to lose a ridiculous amount of time in a weekend: Discover a wonderful website dedicated to the British comics of my youth which, because of the way comics fandom works, have been pretty much forgotten for the most part. … Continue reading

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“I’ve Always Liked Classical Music.”

  From Bullet to King Four by Al Ewing, Henry Flint and Chris Blythe, from 2000AD Prog 1803.

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Beaches, Beans and Bells

Life isn’t easy for a former superhero (from Green Lantern #193, art by Joe Staton, Bruce Patterson and Anthony Tollin).

June 24, 2013 Uncategorized

Unfinished Writing #23

Here’s something unusual; an unfinished review that was intended for the Savage Critics; it’s been sitting on my laptop for the last few weeks, untouched because I couldn’t find enough time to complete it – I don’t know why I … Continue reading

July 13, 2012 Writingthoughts , ,

A Portrait of The Modern Music Industry

(From a Hostess Fruit Cakes ad, 1978, writer and artist unknown. But obviously awesome.)

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“The Name is WARHAWK, Mutants”

This may have been the first back issue I ever bought as a back issue, as opposed to something old that just happened to be available and I didn’t know any better. I was maybe ten years old, perhaps eleven, … Continue reading

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