“All I Know Is That It Won’t Let Me Be Myself”

I’ve become increasingly obsessed with Rotary Connection in the last few days, for reasons that I can’t quite explain. No, that’s not entirely true; one listen to this song, “Love Has Fallen On Me,” and it’s obvious why I’ve become obsessed with them. What I mean, I guess, is that I can’t really remember what brought me to them in the first place. There was some mention of them online, I think, and I did some Googling and Wikipedia-ing and thought, hmm, I should investigate further, and then, bam.

This song, though. The way that the very jazz intro slips into something wonderfully soul-laden — the strings, the backing vocals, the drums shuffling in the background — and then, at 1:18, it becomes something else again. Pop-esque, in some way that’s difficult to explain, and then the strings come in again, and it changes and it’s this song, it just keeps twisting and turning, trying on different genres, slipping in and out of them with ease and remaining difficult to pin down other than “it’s really, really good.”

The restlessness in terms of genre is at odds with the song itself, which even as it strives and surges, remains wonderfully relaxed and easy listening, in the best use of that term. It slips under your skin and just makes you smile. Is this a band that everyone already knows and adores and I’m the last to discover them? It feels like that should be the case. This is such a good song that I can’t believe that Rotary Connection isn’t a secret cult for everyone who’s heard them.