“Truth Prevailed”

Every four years, the race for the White House ends in accusations of deceit. Each side says the other spent millions of dollars to lie and skew the outcome. This year’s post-election accounts of backstage calculations and fateful turning points continue that tradition. But if you read these accounts carefully, you’ll find a happy surprise beneath the spin and recriminations: Lies failed. Truth prevailed.

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Something that I’m becoming surprised by, in the inevitable post-game analysis of the Republican’s losses in Tuesday’s elections, is the quickly apparent sense that not only were the Republicans lying to us, but that they were apparently lying to themselves, too. There’s a CBS piece that puts it into perspective, somewhat, but the short version is, the Republicans appear to have entirely bought into their own narrative wholeheartedly, to the point where any contradictory information was immediately dismissed as biased and false. Let’s be honest, here; that’s kind of terrifying, because it sounds like something that would make you really worried about a friend, if they started doing it. It sounds paranoid and, yes, kind of insane, or at least dangerously delusional.

The question is, I guess, whether the Republican Party en masse can move back to reality in the wake of the loss, or stay in their persecuted alternate world, plotting and scheming to “take back America” by any means necessary. I hope for the former, but fear for the latter.

This seems appropriate, at this point: