You Know My Name

A belated thought, re: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (which, yes, is a very very strange title all told).

For all of Man of Steel, Superman isn’t called Superman. There’s even the “On my planet, the S means hope” scene to explain the symbol away without having to go anywhere near the word “Superman.” Maybe I’m misremembering, but I could’ve sworn there were thinkpieces about this, convinced that it meant that Warner Bros was afraid of the name “Superman,” as if it were too ridiculous for the self-important tone of the movie.

For the sequel, the character is not only called Superman, but the name is right there in the title – as is “Batman,” making its first appearance in a movie title since… what, 2005’s Batman Begins? That’ll be more than a decade since the character has been named in a movie title by the time BVS hits screens. It’s as if Warners has decided not only to embrace the source material, but – judging by the Dawn of Justice subtitle – overly embrace it. I look forward to future thinkpieces.

Do The Romp

As you might suspect, vacation has kicked my ass. Or, rather, trying to get back into things after vacation, considering the amount of work I had to juggle today to catch up and meet deadlines and the like (We only got back into town last night). Expect a weekend of trying to more calmly get my equilibrium, and then some catching up next week, I think. Sorry for the continued radio silence…

On A Melancholy Sea

I lose track of people, sometimes. I mean, I knew that already. It’s a result of going to two elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools: you lose track of people and you find new people. You know someone for eight months at the most, or however long a school year is, then you make new friends for the summer, and then you make new friends in the fall, and you keep it moving.

I’m good at making friends. I should be better at keeping them.

That’s David Brothers, who remains one of my favorite writers on- or offline; he’s a friend, and so I can’t say that sort of thing to him (I have all manner of talented friends, and I find it really difficult to be sincere in my praise of their talents and work, which is frustrating to me; I’ll gush about them to other people, behind their backs, but in person, my sense of awkwardness gets in the way), but still. He’s writing about the ease of losing friends through no real intent to dump them; just losing track, by accident, and suddenly it’s too late to get back in touch without it being weird. I read that, and I thought, yes, that’s me, I do that all too easily and always feel bad about it. There are some wonderful people out there in the world whom I love dearly, and have let disappear from my life.