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366 Songs 284: Richard III

1997 was, in many ways, the hangover of Britpop; the bloom was off the rose, as they say, and the more interesting bands were looking elsewhere for inspiration already. Blur, of course, had “Beetlebum” and “Song 2” coming out, and … Continue reading

October 10, 2012 Uncategorized ,

366 Songs 077: In It For The Money

I am open to almost any and all answers of the question “Where did it all go wrong for Supergrass?” as long as they don’t include this perfect opener from their second track, which has it all – Harmonies, repetitive … Continue reading

April 11, 2012 366 Songs ,

366 Songs 054: Melanie Davis

I’ve always wondered just how much of “Melanie Davis” comes from the cynical consensus that Britpop was all a bunch of Beatles retread and little else, considering the obvious shout-out to “With A Little Help From My Friends” in the … Continue reading

February 27, 2012 366 Songs ,