366 Songs 269: Too Tough To Die

There are days when everything gets on top of you, and you find yourself feeling that worrying sense of vertigo, even as you know that you’re standing upright and theoretically perfectly fine. On those days, dear friends, Martina Topley-Bird has this song for you, a simple one in which she reminds you that – like herself, of course – you should consider yourself too tough to die. If you don’t find yourself wanting to sing along to the chorus of this one, I suspect you need a whole lot more self-belief.

(I love the lyrics of this song; “The strange fruit swing” is a wonderful euphemism that plays off the Billie Holliday song, and yet brings a really strange sense of bleak humor to it. The swing? Really?)

And if Martina’s version isn’t enough for you, maybe you need this spectacular cover from Neneh Cherry and the Thing, from earlier this year:

Holy moley. More songs should sound like the sound of a messy, violent fight inside your head.

“I’ll Let YOU Figger Out The Reasons…!”

Nobody ever asks, but I’m pretty sure that my favorite Marvel Comics character is Ben Grimm, AKA The Thing from Fantastic Four. He’s got the tragic scenario, the faux-gruffness, the New York accent and the visual hook, as well as The Catchphrase; he’s pretty much everything I like about Marvel Comics in one package. Quite why Ben Grimm isn’t everyone’s favorite Marvel Comics character is beyond me.