A Million Dead-End Streets And

As we head into the all-too-hot height of summer, here are some graphics from the THR newsletter that include a whole bunch of alternate headlines because, man — everyone working from home means minds are changed a bunch, it seems.


The above graphic I hated so much, I spent half an hour the next morning drawing monsters so I could do something better. This is why I don’t try and come up with a graphic at the tail-end of a day when I’m mentally exhausted. Will I remember this lesson in the future? Of course not.

After handing this in, we discovered that the story it was accompanying wasn’t focusing on the Eurovision movie as much as we thought it was, so another Dan Stevens image was required…

…And then it was decided to change the headline, too.


All I Ever See Is Them And You

The joy of the THR newsletter graphics is their speed, the way in which they go from “here’s the headline” to completion in a matter of minutes. In many ways, it’s like subconscious design, which allows for both happy accidents and unexpected moments of, if not inspiration, then at least discovery that I find myself fond of afterwards. Here’s the latest batch, with perhaps the happiest accident yet.

Easily my favorite moment of miscommunication, the following graphic had to be reworked two different times after my editor initially mixed up Alexander Skarsgard and Peter Sarsgaard, and then, upon realizing his error, didn’t communicate it with me until the last minute so I had to change the image to make sure we weren’t showing the wrong actor. We’re all very professional, I promise.

Put Myself On A Line

And so we return to the world of THR newsletter graphics, where much fun is had on a weekly basis despite the speedy turnarounds and almost guaranteed last-minute changes. It really is a highlight of my week, you know…

These next two weren’t corrections, but simply me not being able to choose a color scheme, so I offered two alternatives.

These next two are a last minute switch-up; as protests over police brutality were happening all over the country, we went back and forth about whether a story about merchandise for the comic Black should be called “Black Market,” or if that was too crass. Ultimately, we decided it was, so it got switched just before the newsletter went out.

You Know It’s Three Weeks, I’m Going Insane

Usually, there would be two weeks’ worth of THR newsletter images in this post, but because of the Memorial Day holiday weekend, there’s only one — we took the week off. So you get one, but at least all of them are kind of great and colorful…? Just imagine that the missing images translate as me taking it easy for once.

Outside, The Day is Calling

If at first you don’t succeed, you’re probably us doing the graphics for the THR newsletter. We’re still working out the kinks of everyone working from home, which translates into us changing headlines after we’ve done the graphic a bunch, as you’ll see below.

The Heart and The Brain and The Body Give You

I guess we’re returning for another round of THR newsletter graphics, huh? It’s been two weeks already…? Time flies when you’re stuck inside all the time with nothing to differentiate the days anymore, creating a break with how we traditionally measure the passage of time…!

We start, curiously, with a number of graphics where the headline changed after the graphic was created — it’s not something that happens usually, yet somehow it happened a bunch of times in a row recently. File under “the process gets weird when everyone works from home.”

For the next two, it wasn’t that the headline changed, it’s that I literally couldn’t decide which color scheme I preferred, so I offered both. (The graphic went unused altogether, so I didn’t find out which one would have been chosen.)

I Can’t Make You Stop And Listen

The THR newsletter has been in a little bit of flux in these virus-ridden times as news slowed down and we started wondering what we’d even be writing about. Then, of course, things started to pick up again because of course they did — but here are the graphics from that slowdown period.

Don’t You Close The Door On Fate When She Comes To Call

And again, a bunch of graphics for the THR newsletter that ended up going unused this time around. To properly explain why this happens, because I’ve mentioned it a couple times now: the graphics are created a day or so before the newsletter itself, based on stories people think are going to be in there — but in the time between then and the newsletter being sent out, stories can and do drop out for any number of reasons: they’re not ready, they’ve already run on the site because things happened faster than expected, or simply that they’re no longer true.

So, sometimes, graphics get orphaned. It’s why I like to save them all here, so that there’s some kind of record, an afterlife that’s better than nothing.

All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

One of those newsletter graphics entries where I’m not entirely sure how many of these were actually used — there’s generally some wastage, but I feel like in the last month or so, there’s been a bunch that disappeared before the newsletter has gone out, for any number of reasons. So, here are some debuts, I guess…?

If Happy Times Are Too Few And Far Between

Once again, it’s time for the joy that is the THR newsletter graphics. It genuinely is still one of the highlights of my work week to get to do these, as freeform and inexplicable as they may be.


And then, I had a change of heart and decided to use a logo treatment from the actual Strange Tales comic itself; it worked much better: