Tomorrow I’ll Miss You

More graphics from the Heat Vision newsletter, including some we ended up not using for various reasons. Such things happen, as the newsletter comes together each week — stories slip out of contention (or fall apart entirely), even after we’ve imagined them being the big breakout for that week. It’s literally part of the process, and something that comes with so little ego that I genuinely can’t remember always which graphics we have used for sure anymore.

This one got a new headline at the last minute:

This next one required perhaps too much effort for the final result, but dammit, I really wanted to make a With The Beatles riff.

You Got The Looks

Another selection of THR graphics, starting with a variation of one where neither editorial nor I knew what we wanted and the deadline was, like, ten minutes or something. (They went with the first one; the only direction I got was, “It can’t include an actual gun or anything connected with that,” because a mass shooting had (of course) just been in the news.)

Secrets behind the design/Me entertaining myself: The background reverse text in the above is the introduction from Junkie XL’s Wikipedia page.

Secrets behind the design/Me entertaining myself 2: The text in the above is literally just me typing “This is a graphic for THR” and cutting and pasting it.

Back On My Bullshit

As usual, the fruits of Thursday evening labors, putting graphics together for the Heat Vision newsletter for THR.

Oh, and then there’s this, which was reworked — after the headline changed — into something that basically got my idea over properly unlike what I was able to do that first time. First attempt:

Second and final attempt:

Say Goodbye To Expectations

More graphics created for the Heat Vision newsletter, because it’s good to share with the class. Something that’s an interesting learning experience for me doing this each week: Seeing the self-imposed rules I had at the start of this project just fall away in the face of editorial request, aesthetic snobbery on my part or simple necessity. There’s a moral to be found here.