The Hidden Reason Why I Was So Silent Yesterday

I’m not entirely sure whether it was a weekend that was fuller of stuff – Not even necessarily interesting stuff, but stuff nonetheless – than I’d intended or what, but yesterday was one of those days where my brain just wouldn’t work. I worked the entire day, but just wasn’t productive in the way that I wanted/needed to be (In the end, I finished work somewhere around 10pm, because deadlines are deadlines and don’t wait around for inspiration; I started closer to 7am, though, and only took off around three hours in between), and just the idea of actually concentrating on what needed to be done seemed exhausting in and of itself.

These days happen, sometimes; the days when you’re just done, through no fault of your own. You’re out of juice, and all you really want to do is stop, sit back and relax, maybe read some more of that Gene Wilder autobiography that you’ve surprised yourself by getting into. It’s normally a sign that overwork has taken its toll and a vacation is needed, which might be the first time that’s actually happened in a timely manner, considering that Thanksgiving is around the corner. The first hint should’ve been the disruption in sleep pattern last week, now that I think about it…

Borag Thungg And All That

Okay, so apparently I took an extra day off from this blog than intended. That’s because yesterday’s return to the day job was slightly more hectic than I’d hoped, after a weekend that was much more hectic than I’d hoped, and to be honest, by the time I’d finished work at 10pm, the thought of writing some more just made me want to collapse onto a fainting couch with the back of my hand to my head. “Why, I do declayah!”

Back to fighting fit status soon, I hope. Stay tuned, Earthlets.

“NO! It Is Truly — HOPELESS!”

As I said on Twitter today, it’s been one of those days where work can expand to fill any free time around it. Realistically, it’s been a few weeks like that now, and between that and a couple other things in the real world, it’s been a completely exhausting period in general. I’m nowhere near caught up with where I want to be, either – I’m literally just in front of deadlines, and hoping that tomorrow will bring some kind of massively creative outburst that will allow me to jump ahead of everything else in my way and just get shit done enough for the weekend to bring something resembling relaxation. Quite how August turned out this weird, I have no idea, but I’ll be honest with you: I’m kind of over it already.