Look, Up In The Belated Sky!

It’s one of those weeks where, try as I might, work is bleeding into the weekend – I worry that next weekend may be the same, which is particularly depressing, as it means no days off for the foreseeable, and also that I’ll probably have to skip ECCC after all – and, completely lost in the swamp of stuff I had to do last week, my Time piece appeared on Thursday. At the request of the editor, I am switching formats towards a more “Why [X] is [Awesome/Terrible/Better Than That Other Thing]” approach, starting with a piece about why Superman deserves more respect as a concept. Unsure how this one went, and unsure how much of that unsurety – which has to be a word, right? – is down to me and how much down to discomfort with the format. File under “We Live, We Learn, We Move On,” I think.

I Can Hear The Soft Breathing of The Girl That I Love

A genuinely weird day, with things breaking up what would normally be my working rhythm, such as it is – A vet’s visit, phone calls with the accountant and the resultant rush and stress that provided, lunch with a friend – to the point where I never felt like I settled into the day at all. Everything was continually just rushing to meet deadlines, the entire day having that I’m late I’m late feeling and discomfort the entire time, meaning that it’s 6pm and I still haven’t directed you to my Time piece for the week, about the way in which the new Beauty and The Beast show manages to miss the point of the entire B&TB fairy tale. My research for this one? Watching lots of versions of Beauty and The Beast, which made for an odd weekend, I can tell you.