Abnormal Service, Etc.

Well, hello there.

As you can tell, posting here has been non-existent for the last month and a bit, due to various technical reasons that essentially come down to “Oh, the website got hacked and kept going down.” It’s not that I’ve not been blogging — it’s just that I’ve been doing most of the link blogging and random music videos over at my new(ish) Tumblr, instead.

That’s going to continue to be the case, for reasons that I’ll one day expand into a full post here (Short version, though: I like the instant community aspect that Tumblr provides, as well as the ease of reblogging/use). So what does this mean for The World That’s Coming? Mostly, it means that my longer, original content will end up here, whether that’s posts written for outlets that ended up going nowhere — there’s a bunch of them, sadly — or all-new things written for here to scratch itches that couldn’t go anywhere else.

It also means that posting here will be irregular. I’d apologize for that — I really do feel guilty about it — but the truth of the matter is, anyone who’s been following this blog for awhile is already used to horrendously irregular posting schedules. I apologize for that, for sure. At least now, the irregularity will be a feature, instead of a bug.

For those wanting daily shortblog and links, then, you want to be here. I’ll post links to the longer posts here on that Tumblr, too. Otherwise, you can find me at Wired and Time and the Hollywood Reporter, as usual.

As always, it’s been a strange start to the year. As always, I hope that things get slightly more sane for the rest of the year. Let’s see if that’s the case together, shall we?