At one point Abed (Danny Pudi) tells Frankie that she is just a character that doesn’t represent ‘our show’, which used to be about a group of loveable misfits but is now about a group of loosely connected students and teachers. Abed adds that Frankie is going to try to ground them by asking questions about how they make money and why they don’t have degrees yet. The show is literally talking about what we are seeing happen in barely veiled terms. It’s like trying to eat dinner while someone is reading the recipe out loud. But then he concludes that ‘good shows change.’

This show won’t, however. Its fans love the fact that it eats itself – and then excretes itself while making a poop joke. Community is a niche taste; it makes sense that it has found a home on the internet where those that love it can enjoy it and those that don’t can forget about it.

From here. Got to say, the first episode of the new season just felt entirely unnecessary in a way that the Harmon-less season did. Pretty much half of the original cast is gone now! Let the show end!

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