But Obama’s two White House terms have papered over an enormous hollowing out of the Democratic Party. Since his election in 2008, Democrats have lost more than 900 seats in state legislatures nationwide, 69 seats in the House, 13 in the Senate and 12 governorships.

Justifying their latest loss — in the Kentucky governor’s race last week — the Democratic Governors Association blamed the “unexpected headwinds of Trump-mania” and declared it to be “the Year of the Outsider.”

And yet the party is poised to nominate the ultimate insider: someone who has actually lived inside the White House before, a former senator, secretary of state and first lady.

“She’s a wrong nominee in a wrong year and they’re about to coronate her,” said Henry Barbour, the Republican National Committeeman from Mississippi and influential party strategist. “And that’s good for Republicans.”

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