February 17

Clearing files from your computer can become an impressively nostalgic way to spend time, I’ve discovered; sure, there are the files you remembered existing and the ones that you have no attachment to — I am both impressed and appalled at how many of my everyday work files that I have somehow managed to accidentally squirrel away in places that surprise me — but there are also the things that you’ve entirely forgotten about that bring back a flood of memories: Here’s the non-disclosure agreement I signed for that review that never ran! I think, or Here’s that audio file where the guy I was interviewing just said something so sexist the piece got shut down! I write enough different things every day (Usually at least six stories for various outlets, and this as well) that I forget what I’ve done almost as quickly as it’s finished, so it’s weirdly amusing and wonderful to get to go back and remember these things. And then put them in the little trash bin icon, and click “empty trash.” Goodbye, weird life.

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