February 26

As we race towards the end of the month, apparently I just lose days judging by my lack of update yesterday; the irony being, it’s not as if I was especially busy, with the exception of first thing in the morning when I had two stories scheduled for pre-9am — meaning that I postponed doing one of these in order to meet deadlines, and then simply got distracted for the rest of the day. There’s a lot to distract me — in addition to the workload of everyday (Today: Some Hollywood Reporter posts, recording another Wait, What?, writing the majority of a big piece for Wired and interviewing a secret someone about a secret something — hi, NDA!), my mother-in-law arrives tomorrow for a week, necessitating much preparation, and I’m also helping my sister and her family find somewhere to stay for their visit in April. Lots of moving parts and things to keep track of, and sometimes, things — like this very “daily” blog — fall through the cracks. More than anything, I’m embarrassed that I can forget so easily.

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