In addition to heavy promotion and marketing for the first issues, Marvel is rolling out the red carpet for the second installments of these highly anticipated titles. Along with added publicity, web advertising and web skins – each new All-New, All-Different Marvel first issue will conclude with a full page advertisement for issue #2. Prompting fans who’ve just finished these exciting first issues to come back for round two! If you thought issue #1 was packed with high-octane action and can’t-miss moments, just wait till you read issue #2!

This is, perhaps surprisingly, not an Onion article, but real Marvel PR. The tagline for the campaign, I swear to God, is “You Want To Know What Happens Next? Don’t Miss [Series Title] #2!” Because, if Marvel hadn’t told the reader that, they’d have no idea what to read to find out what happens next.
(via waitwhatpod)

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