January 16

I am breaking my own (entirely arbitrary, self-imposed) rules today, writing work before writing this; the reasons for that speak more to my workload for the day — I have, thanks to both scheduling issues and my brain simply slowing down when I really didn’t need it to on Wednesday,  too much work to finish up today to feel comfortable with, and so wanted to get some of it off my plate as quickly as possible when I woke up — than any failure of my willpower, but sure, let’s call it that as well.

Nonetheless, I feel guilty for not writing something here first today, no matter how relieved I may be to have one essay out the way already. These daily posts here, whatever they are (A diary, I guess? Daily pointless ramblings seem to fit into that description), were a promise I made to myself to write something that wasn’t for work every day, no matter how silly or dashed off. I realized at the end of last year that, while I was writing more than ever before — in December, it was around 4000-5000 words every weekday — it was all for publication, and all for work. I felt like I needed to reclaim something for myself. Even though no-one’s reading — and that’s not a veiled request for people to comment if they are reading, I don’t want to know! — it feels nice to have somewhere to ramble, with no rules.

Well, two rules: to do it first thing every morning, and to do it every morning. I’ve broken the first of those today; I hope I don’t break the second until the year is over, at least.

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