January 17

One of the lessons I’m learning late about my job is the need to let go; I write for a number of sites daily, which means that whatever psychic slate recording victories or defeats is essentially wiped clean each and every day. You wrote a great piece that got a lot of traffic and was extremely popular? Great, but that was yesterday, what you gonna do for us today? so to speak. I’ve always understood that in terms of doing well — that is, that you can’t rest on any laurels on the Internet — but, until recently, have struggled with it when I have shitty days.

I’m not sure what happened to make me realize that the clock gets reset after a bad day same as a good one, but it’s something I’ve really started to take to heart recently. Didn’t write enough, wasn’t funny enough or interesting enough? It doesn’t matter, I’ll have a chance to do better tomorrow. It’s something I’m still trying to be okay with, and unsure if I’m succeeding at, this whole shaking it off thing. Maybe 2015 should be a year when I try to make Taylor Swift my animal totem.

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