January 23

To the probable surprise of no-one, I keep a written list of deadlines on my (computer) desktop at all times, to ensure that I don’t forget about something that I really, really should be working on at this very minute. It’s not a complicated list — it literally goes DATE — OUTLET STORY, so you have things like “1/23 — WIRED Internet Week,” telling me that I have to finish the Internet Week column (which runs under the “While You Were Offline” name on the site) for WIRED today. That kind of thing.

The thing is, of course, there are times when I should be working on something that’s due, but my brain just does not want to. Not even slightly; those, my friends, can be the best days. Take yesterday, for example, when I was facing a day with six deadlines and knew that today, I’d have seven. One of those deadlines was a long piece that my brain was just staying away from wanting to do, so instead it did what it always does in that circumstance: tell me what to do for everything else, instead. The end result was, I did five of the deadlines due yesterday, and three due today, as well.

Of course, now I have to do the remaining deadline from yesterday right now, before anyone else on the West Coast is up, but still. Somehow, that still feels like a good thing. Ask me if I still feel that way an hour from now, mind you…

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