January 3

One of the unexpected side effects of having actual time off for the holidays — five consecutive days off, something that hasn’t happened for me in God knows how long, and I even get to enjoy it two weeks in a row! — is the vertiginous feeling of not knowing what day it is anymore. I’m used to days feeling wrong: the Tuesday that feels like a Wednesday, or the Sunday that should have been a Saturday, it was so busy. Those, I know, but there’s always part of my head that knows what day it really is, because of deadlines and the freelancers’ internal compass that points towards work remaining. This break, though, there have been moments when I am genuinely lost, and have to take a second to stop and think and realize, yes; this has to be Saturday, because New Year was a Thursday this year and that was a couple days ago.

I’m not sure if this uncertainty is going to be something I’ll miss, come Monday, or not.

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