March 12

By the end of yesterday, I told Kate that I was done with speaking, and would be happy if I didn’t have to talk to anyone else for awhile. Despite that, yesterday was oddly thrilling — going to the OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) studios and having a conversation “on mic” remains fun in a weird, oh, is this what I do now? way even after the first time it’s happened, and then having an hour+ phone conversation about Jack Kirby with someone way smarter than I am (even though I worry that I just rampaged over whatever she wanted to talk about, all the time) — it was great, even with the panic about making both appointments due to travel matters, even with the stress that it put on the rest of my workday.

I feel as if it entirely distended and ruined my week, though; this doesn’t feel like a Thursday at all, but another Monday even though there wasn’t a weekend in there at all. Or maybe it feels like the most Friday of Fridays, because there’s all the exhaustion but none of the relief of knowing that you can sleep in and relax tomorrow? Either way: this is going to end up being a strange, wonderful week in the end.

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