The World That's Coming

March 3, 2015 Uncategorized

March 2

And then there are the posts I clearly closed the window on too quickly and so they didn’t actually post, like this:

As my body gets older, I find that the cliches come true all the more often; last night was a case in point, with a cup of tea at nine o’clock apparently wrecking my sleep for the rest of the night. Every couple of hours, pretty much on the dot, I’d wake up and just lie there thinking this is both impressive and ridiculous for a handful of minutes before it’d suddenly be two hours later and I’d be doing the same thing.

True, there are multiple reasons why this might have happened, most of which have nothing to do with tea — something that has never had this kind of effect on me before — but, for either comedy purposes or a lack of desire to search elsewhere for a reason, it’s something I landed on immediately. It makes me feel old and curmudgeonly to tell myself, and in this state of sleep-deprived disrepair, there’s something very fitting about that.

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