March 23

Sunday was lost to doing taxes, or at least that’s what it felt like — we started doing them after breakfast, and aside from a break for lunch, finished them around 6:30 in the evening. It’s not that our taxes are extremely complicated, but with two freelancers and everything else that’s involved in our lives every year, it all takes awhile to get everything down properly. It’s the same every year; we think that we’re prepared, but before too long, we’re both looking at our screens and at our paperwork with a sense of what is actually going on? and wondering whether there’s some easier way to do everything that we’d somehow missed (Spoilers: There’s not.)

By the time the evening rolled around, there really was a sense of the day having gone missing, somehow. Twilight was coming! Where did the day go? Why do I have this stress headache? Where has all our money gone? Truly, tax day is the best day of the year, he lied.

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