Redo: do you have any thoughts on the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy? They were a Creation band for a while there.

From what little I’ve heard – and it is very little, I confess – they’re kind of great in the way in which they perfectly encapsulate the Creation aesthetic of the time. There’s a bit of shoegaziness, a bit of the Smiths in terms of Johnny Marr guitar sound and Morrissey-esque phrasing, and a pleasant-but-utterly-undynamic quality. I really should investigate deeper, to be honest.

(Weirdly, they remind me of the contemporaneous That Petrol Emotion, even though they don’t really sound alike? I tend to run all those bands together in my mind. JBC, TPE, Kinky Machine. I suspect I heard them all on the radio at the same time or something and that’s why.)

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