Tramp The Dirt, etc.

ironladyFrom the Guardian’s Photo Blog:

A pedestrian walks past graffiti that reads ‘Iron Lady? Rust in Peace’ in west Belfast, Northern Ireland, following Margaret Thatcher’s death. Parliament has been recalled today to honour Thatcher’s memory, a decision that is causing many divisions. Photograph: Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images

Do you see what they’ve done? They’ve turned “rest” into “rust” because she was the iron la- Oh, you got it already.

I find myself torn by the celebrations surrounding Thatcher’s death. On the one hand, I grew up in Thatcher’s Britain and understand the sense of… relief that such a horrible force in the world is gone, but on the other, isn’t there something kind of tasteless about organizing parties about the death of a nearly-90 year old woman who hasn’t had any real power for more than two decades…?

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