Director’s Cut Material!

And here’s the paragraph I took out of this week’s Time piece before I even submitted it:

It’s not as if Marvel hasn’t worked hard to keep Spider-Man’s popularity up; every couple of years, a storyline will ensure enough outrage to get the hardcore fan base complaining and driving attention to the series. Last year, the publisher gained mainstream attention for the character by killing Peter Parker (Don’t worry, he’s fine; it was the Peter Parker of another world), just three years after doing the same by having the Devil undo his marriage, which itself came two years after he unmasked and revealed his identity to the world (This year, things are relatively quiet aside from accusations of torture porn). Despite everything, however, the character seems to have settled into a permanent lag behind Marvel’s bigger franchises for some unknown reason. Unknown, that is… until you remember the ol’ Parker Luck.

In the end, it didn’t really fit into the piece, and I suspected that certain Marvel bodies would’ve taken offense at it, giving me hassle that I didn’t really need or want. But, you know, I’d written it so here it is.

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