On Accidentally Writing Linkbait

And then there was the time that I wrote about Star Wars and Star Trek becoming more generic science-fiction for Time Entertainment, in response to the stories about ABC potentially reviving the oft-mooted Star Wars TV show. It was another piece that I could have done with another day on, but deadlines disagreed; what really happened was that Monday, as I’ve already suggested elsewhere, was a very distracting day for reasons that’ll become apparent soon, and so writing didn’t come easy. I gave it a pretty major overhaul before submitting yesterday, but I kinda wish I could get just one more swing at it, you know…?

It strikes me now that this piece is almost definitely link/troll-bait, accidentally (No, really, I swear that wasn’t on my mind when I pitched or wrote it for once). I’m reminded of a SpinOff piece I wrote about whether or not Spider-Man’s portrayal across different media had to be consistent that, to my utter surprise, got linked on io9 soon after going live, and my mix of “It’s got to be a really slow news day” and “It’s very weird to see someone write about you as if they’ve never met you; they even use the ‘referring to person with the last name only’ thing” when I saw it. I’d initially written it thinking it was relatively throwaway.

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