Reporter Vs. Blogger, Round “Aren’t We Past This Yet”

nytFrom the New York Times, here.

Just to get this straight: Glenn Greenwald breaks one of the biggest politics stories in years, and the New York Times writes a story that calls him a “blogger” repeatedly, while others who work on the stories are called “reporters,” because… Well, I don’t know, really. Also, the piece points out:

Mr. Greenwald’s experience as a journalist is unusual, not because of his clear opinions but because he has rarely had to report to an editor. He began his blog Unclaimed Territory in 2005 after the news of warrantless surveillance under the Bush administration. When his blog was picked up by Salon, said Kerry Lauerman, the magazine’s departing editor in chief, Salon agreed that Mr. Greenwald would have direct access to their computer system so that he could publish his blog posts himself without an editor seeing them first if he so chose.

These bloggers! They’re not like real reporters! They don’t even have editors!

(Of course, I have editors for my blogs, so maybe the NYT would be more okay with me.)

Ana Marie Cox on the important takeaway:


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