The conversating/The price is what?

So, I spent part of this weekend trying to catch up with Misfits, inspired and shamed in equal parts by Jeff Lester during a Wait, What recording last week; I made it through five episodes of season three in one sitting, and the opening of season four, before I realized that I’d stopped caring about the show. It’s not that the series had dipped in quality so much between seasons three and four as much as it was that season three had, to all intents and purposes, finished the show altogether. Characters died, arcs were completed, and the thread started in the first episode was pretty much cut quite cleanly.

I started watching the first episode of the fourth season with the strange feeling of “How are they even going to try and convince people that this is viable as a continuing property?” only to discover that – seemingly, they were just going to ignore that altogether and continue as if nothing was any different. It’s odd, when you realize that the only reason you’re going to continue to watch something is through skeptical eyes, waiting to see it wake up and wonder what has gone wrong.

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