According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunners looked at spelling out that connection on-screen, but after Hand’s death last season, they didn’t want to become “the people who killed off two lesbians on the show.” (Actual quote.)

That would indeed look crappy, given that the only presentation of a same-sex relationship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date was an unsavory joke about situational homosexuality in prisons. But the show never actually established that Victoria Hand was a lesbian, and it never actually established that Isabelle Hartley was a lesbian.

So now the showrunners get to be the people who killed off two lesbians without ever telling anyone that they were lesbians.

Good work, team.

Here’s a tip for future queer content: less killing, more kissing.

…Wow. Holy crap, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. (From here.)