I posted the Elvis Costello version of this awhile back, but I think I prefer the Bangles cover better; it’s faster, poppier (Harmony vocals! Handclaps!) and seems oddly more fitting considering the song’s origins – it was originally intended for a modern attempt at a Monkees TV show in which an all-female band would have pop hi-jinks on a weekly basis, with new material each week from a group of songwriters that would include Costello. Somehow, with that in mind, the Bangles claiming the song feels appropriate. 

As a leader in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), NASA endeavors to make our collaborations with our grant recipient institutions as productive and successful as possible in all facets of our shared objectives. This means that we seek not only the most innovative and cutting-edge scientific and technological research from our grant recipients, we also expect strong efforts to create and sustain welcoming and inclusive educational environments. We view such efforts not as “something nice to do” if the time can be spared, or something that human resources or the diversity and equity offices are responsible for, but rather as an integral and indeed necessary aspect of all educational program environments.

Let me be perfectly clear: NASA does not tolerate sexual harassment, and nor should any organization seriously committed to workplace equality, diversity and inclusion. Science is for everyone and any behavior that demeans or discourages people from fully participating is unacceptable.