I’m not yet ready to talk about what’s been going on with me. Just know that it is some serious shit and that I am not yet okay. 

While I’ve been focusing on my health, I’ve had some amazing people helping with the Fresh Romance Kickstarter. Specifically, Paul (my husband), Rachael Berkey ( @bookoisseur ), and Ari Yarwood (managing editor at @onipress) have all gone above and beyond to keep the KS going while I have been dealing with stuff. 

We have less than a week left of the Kickstarter, so here’s some realness from me to you: because we’re going to print the week the KS ends, we are *ONLY* printing as many copies of the KS exclusive edition as are ordered. That means it is an exclusive edition that there will be NO MORE available of beyond what’s purchased through the Kickstarter. If you like that Kevin Wada cover, you should back the Kickstarter. We won’t even be selling them at conventions. 

Some more realness: the money from the Kickstarter is going straight to Rosy Press to fund the KS Print edition. Any money raised above and beyond the cost of the print edition will go towards more Fresh Romance. If you love what Rosy Press is doing, it’s important that you support our Kickstarter. We cannot move forward without your support. 

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell everyone you know. We have six days to make this happen, and you are instrumental in that. I love you all, you amazing comics people.